Thursday, May 28, 2015

Digital Files May Last Much, Much Longer than Paper or Microfilm

Luckily, digital files will last forever and will not deteriorate from use if proper precautions are taken. Simply make multiple copies of each file and store those copies in different, widely-separated locations. Luckily, that doesn’t cost much with digital files and only requires a few minutes of your time.
Of course, in order to last forever, the files also must be copied to new media every few years, and the file format must be updated (converted) to new formats, as needed. For instance, if copies are stored on CD-ROM disks, those copies need to be re-copied to newer forms of storage as the technology changes. If images are stored in JPG format, they do need to be converted to new formats as newer formats become available. Data that is “maintained” properly in the latest formats on the latest storage devices will remain visible forever.  . . .   [These paragraphs are only a small part of the article]  To read the full article go to "Eastman's on-line genealogy Newsletter" or click on "Eastmans Genealogy Newsletter" on "Favorite Links" listed at the right of these posts. Scroll down to Click on "CATEGORIES" then find the category "PRESERVATION" and click on it.  Then scroll down until you find this article.
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