Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LDS Ward and Stake Directory

With the expansions the Church is making to its websites, an LDS account is becoming more and more valuable. An LDS Account allows you to:
  • Access ward and stake information.
  • Login to and learn more about your family’s history.
  • Access secure Church websites.
  • Create a profile on and start sharing your testimony online.
  • Access your personal study notebook on
  • Make purchases in the new online store, coming soon.
Source: (Church News and Events)

Family History Tip of the Week
Do you have your LDS Account?  Your LDS Account will let you access many LDS sites on the Internet.  To obtain your LDS account:
-     Find your membership # - from your temple recommend or from the membership clerk.
-     On the Internet go to
o   On the "LDS Account" home page click the "Register for an LDS Account" button.
o   Enter your membership # and follow the directions. (Remember your user name and password!)

On the Internet go to
·   Click on Tools at the upper right
·   Click on Directory
     Sign in using your lds account
The default is to Households.

Click on My Household. Each member of the family is listed. There is space for each one to have a photo, phone number and email address.

By clicking Edit Profile, you can add this information for each member of the family. You can only edit your own family.  Any information entered is made public unless you choose not to have it made public. 

In that case, only authorized leaders of the ward and stake can view your information.  You cannot add pictures for others unless you are signed in under their lds account.

Click on Photos and notice that there is a space to add a photo for each family. 

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