Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mocavo Introduces a U.K. Version of Its Genealogy Search Engine

The following announcement was written by Mocavo.com:
Our ancestors are like needles in a global-sized haystack. Many of us have zeroed in on what area of the globe our needles happen to lie, so why should we be required to search the whole thing? The Mocavo team has decided it’s time this proverbial haystack got sectioned off.

Today we’re thrilled to launch Mocavo.co.uk - a United Kingdom version of Mocavo that will search websites, blogs, records and content specifically from, or discussing, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh decent.

While Mocavo.com searches sites and blogs from around the world, and will continue to do so, Mocavo.co.uk will focus specifically on the United Kingdom, giving those who wish to narrow their search to that region the ability to do just that.

So if you descend from UK families, be sure to check out our newest addition to the Mocavo search family.
The following article is from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and is copyright by Richard W. Eastman. It is re-published here with the permission of the author. Information about the newsletter is available at http://www.eogn.com/.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google for Genealogists on YouTube

Google is a "MUST" for genealogy research.  To get the most out of Google, there are a series of 5 videos on YouTube that will help you learn how to use this powerful tool. 

Part 1 -  Basic Google searches
Par1 2 - Techniques for finding genealogical
             information on the web
Part 3 & 4 - Organizing your genealogy
Part 5 -  Publishing

Information from the Logan FHC Newsletter dated Oct 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family History Game

"Our Family History Game" - Ensign, September 2011, p. 66 Through this game, the author Dorine McDaniel, said, "I have learned that our ancestors are a part of us and that we are a part of them." 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Storage Center for Genealogical data

The following is from the Kansas City Star.

Mormon Church plans storage center for genealogical data in Northland


The Kansas City Star

The Mormon Church plans to build an electronic safe house in the Northland for the billions of birth certificates and other genealogical records it has been compiling around the world for almost a century.

The 63,000-square-foot building is being designed to withstand the worst natural disasters and keep its computer servers cool and dry for several years should it lose outside power, all to ensure its trove of digital documents remains undamaged.

“Without question, we have the largest single repository of this type of information,” said Russell D. Stay, senior vice president of Family Search. “We’ve been pursuing this a long time.”

Construction is expected to begin by late fall in the Shoal Creek area, near Northeast Soccer Drive (roughly Northeast 76th Street) and Interstate 435. It is expected to be operational by early 2013.

It will be the third genealogical data center to be developed in the United States by Family Search, an entity created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based in Salt Lake City.

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/09/06/3125342/mormon-church-plans-storage-center.html#ixzz1XHH4QxVf

Friday, June 3, 2011

Five minute Genealogy: Find a Record in 5 minutes

Anyone with an interest in genealogy should watch this video produced by FamilySearch. It was fun to watch host Jessie Davis help genealogists-on-the-street find an ancestor. Genealogy experts will enjoy the brief 4 minute 29 second video. 

Genealogy beginners will like it - they will be inspired by the new resources that FamilySearch offers - for free. ( Posted at Legacy FamilyTree).

Watch the video here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FamilySearch Announces Releases of Hundreds of Millions of Civil War Records

As the United States marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, people who had ancestors involved in the conflict can access millions of historical records recently published on the familysearch.org website. And millions more records are coming, as Civil War indexing volunteers enlist in an epoch campaign over the next five years to provide access to the highly desirable historic documents.
FamilySearch announced the release today of hundreds of millions of online records at Librarians Day at the National Genealogical Society conference in Charleston, South Carolina. The collections include service records for both the Confederate and Union armies, pension records, and more. Some of the records have been available for some time but are now being added to familysearch.org/civilwar as part of this project. Here is just a sampling og what is available:
  • Arizona, Service Record of Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War, 1861-1863
  • Arkansas Confederate Pensions, 1901-1929
  • Civil War Pension Index
  • Louisiana Confederate Pensions, 1898-1950
  • Missouri Confederate Pension Applications and Soldiers' Home Admission Applications
  • South Carolina Compiled Service records of Confederate Soldiers (NARA M267)
  • South Carolina Probate 1671-1977
  • South Carolina Probate Records, Files, and Loose Papers, 1732-1964
  • United States, 1890 Census of Union Veterans and Widows
  • United States, Index to General Correspondence of the Pension Office, 1889-1904
  • United States Union Provost Marshall's Office Files of Papers Relating to Two or More Civilians, 1861-1866
  • U.S. Soldiers Index, 1855-1865
  • U.S. Navy Widows' Certificates, 1861-1910 (NARA M1279)
  • U.S. Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914, Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933
  • Vermont Enrolled Militia, 1861-1867

Friday, March 25, 2011

Webinar - Backing Up Your Data

Anyone with a computer needs to watch the recording of Thomas MacEntee's webinar, Backing Up Your Genealogy Data. One of our viewers described it perfectly when she said, "Even if you think you know everything about backups, I'd recommend watching the video. He brings up things that we don't always think about." This is how I would describe it as well.

Viewing the recording
If you could not make it to the live event earlier today, the 1 hour 31 minute recording of Backing Up Your Genealogy Data is now available in our webinar archives. Visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/webinars.asp to watch. The free recording will be available until April 4, 2011.

Article posted at www.legacyfamilytree.com/webinars - March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mocavo.com Launches as World’s Largest Free Genealogy Search Engine

Industry breakthrough provides instant search results for billions of names, dates and places worldwide

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mocavo.com™ (http://www.mocavo.com), a free search engine geared toward genealogists and people interested in learning more about their family history. Mocavo.com enables the search of more than 50 billion words - including billions of names, dates and places, all within fractions of a second. Mocavo.com fills an important industry need by providing the first large-scale, free search engine for family history research. Coupled with the speed and accuracy by which search results are produced, Mocavo.com represents a major technological breakthrough within the genealogy world.

Visitors to www.mocavo.com are simply required to type in the names of interest and click on Search. All related results from industry sources such as genealogy message boards, family trees, state and local historical societies, the Library of Congress, National Archives, Ellis Island, Find A Grave, the Internet Archive, various U.S. state archives, and many tens of thousands of genealogy sites built by individuals will be displayed. Similar to other search engines, Mocavo.com honors site owners by linking directly to their content.

Cliff Shaw, founder and CEO of Mocavo Inc., identifies the current trouble for genealogists and the solution that Mocavo.com provides, “Genealogy has always had the problem of information and potential clues being spread across thousands of disparate web sites and sources. Imagine a world where you have all of the Web’s free genealogy content at your fingertips within seconds. That is Mocavo.com.”

“Mocavo.com has the capacity to index every single piece of free genealogy content found anywhere on the web, and will be growing by leaps and bounds in the coming months,” said Mr. Shaw. “We expect Mocavo.com to shortly offer all of the web’s free genealogy information, searchable and accessible to all – something that has never been done before. It’s set to become the go-to search engine for every family history enthusiast.”

Mocavo Inc. is the brainchild of Cliff Shaw. Mr. Shaw is well known in the industry, having created four successful companies and many innovative technologies, including Smart Matching™, the most successful ancestor-matching algorithm. He created GenForum 14 years ago and it quickly grew to become the number one community for genealogists (now owned by Ancestry.com® (NASDAQ:ACOM)). In the early 2000’s, Mr. Shaw launched GenCircles and Family Tree Legends, becoming the number two family tree publishing site and number two family tree software package respectively (both are now owned by MyHeritage.com). More recently, Mr. Shaw launched the well-received BackupMyTree.com, the industry’s only automatic tree backup solution.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Internet Sites

The Church is experimenting with many new internet sites. It is difficult to keep up.  Another new search site for family history is: http://www.histfam.familysearch.org
This site promotes some specific resources.  It contains many community trees, and some oral history databases.  It is searchable.

Oral Genealogies are spoken lineage-linked genealogies from localities throughout the world.  Many localities have no written records and oral genealogies may be the only records available for genealogical research.
Check out all the links from the home page to investigate the possibilities here. 

http://www.blog.familysearch.org  This site contains links to random Family History information, like a family history newsletter.  It contains new updates as to what the Church is doing in this area.

To be up-to-date on the latest family history technologies that aren’t ready for prime time, stay tuned to:  http://labs.familysearch.org.  To be simply amazed, check out the “Life Browser Prototype”. 

From the Ammon Foothills Family History Newsletter - dated 3 March 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FamilySearch Consultant Website

FamilySearch has posted the slide presentations of the RootsTech family history consultant training on a newly redesigned consultant website. Check it out at consultant.familysearch.org.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Genealogy Websites & New FamilySearch Update

Most Recent Genealogy Records by Country - I found this site, Genealogy in Time, today on Cyndis List and thought it looked helpful. It contains a handy guide to the most recent genealogy records on the internet organized by country and region.
Submitted by Barbard DeHart  (from Logan FH Newsletter 26 Jan 2011)

West Virginia Vital Records Online - This site wvculture.org/vrr/va_select.aspx includes birth, death and marriage records. The years of coverage vary with the type of record. You can even view, print and save the original images the records were indexed from.
Source: Tony Brandy, Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2010

NewFamilySearch Update
The new beta update version of new FamilySearch will begin testing on Monday Jan 31.  A major feature of this update is that it is being released to 2000 nonmembers.

(Source: Ammon Footshills Family History Newsletter - Jan 30, 2011)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

FamilySearch January 2011 Bloginar Recording Now Available

The FamilySearch January 2011 Bloginar was held last week. A recording is now available online. You can now listen to and view the free presentation and discussions at FamilySearch Wiki. Go to Wiki.FamilySearch.org, and search FamilySearch Bloginar.

Following is a summary of the January Bloginar agenda.

  • FamilySearch latest collection updates
  • Indexing milestone(s)
  • RootsTech 2011 Conference Update: Overview of Scheduled Open Panels and Discussions
  • FamilySearch Research Courses Online
  • 90 day outlook of upcoming developments
  • New webinars and podcasts offerings
  • Big picture of research curricula coming online
  • Community involvement and free training recording services
See Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter by Dick Eastman, January 25, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turn Your Family Tree Into a Personalized Memory Game

Online family tree builder and genealogy website MyHeritage.com has created a virtual family history memory game. No, it isn't a pop quiz on your family tree, but a matching competition similar to concentration. To create the game, you must register for a free account and upload a GEDCOM file to the site. Users can then automatically generate personalized picture cards of close relatives and ancestors based on their family tree. Following the same rules as a typical memory game, users can play online against other family members or solo against the clock. With a webcam option, players can even include a live picture of themselves in one pair of the cards.
Source: Genealogy Insider Blog, Post by Jamie, Wednesday, Dec 29, 2010

LDS Ward and Stake Directory

With the expansions the Church is making to its websites, an LDS account is becoming more and more valuable. An LDS Account allows you to:
  • Access ward and stake information.
  • Login to new.familysearch.org and learn more about your family’s history.
  • Access secure Church websites.
  • Create a profile on Mormon.org and start sharing your testimony online.
  • Access your personal study notebook on new.lds.org.
  • Make purchases in the new online store, coming soon.
Source: lds.org (Church News and Events)

Family History Tip of the Week
Do you have your LDS Account?  Your LDS Account will let you access many LDS sites on the Internet.  To obtain your LDS account:
-     Find your membership # - from your temple recommend or from the membership clerk.
-     On the Internet go to ldsaccount.lds.org
o   On the "LDS Account" home page click the "Register for an LDS Account" button.
o   Enter your membership # and follow the directions. (Remember your user name and password!)

On the Internet go to lds.org
·   Click on Tools at the upper right
·   Click on Directory
     Sign in using your lds account
The default is to Households.

Click on My Household. Each member of the family is listed. There is space for each one to have a photo, phone number and email address.

By clicking Edit Profile, you can add this information for each member of the family. You can only edit your own family.  Any information entered is made public unless you choose not to have it made public. 

In that case, only authorized leaders of the ward and stake can view your information.  You cannot add pictures for others unless you are signed in under their lds account.

Click on Photos and notice that there is a space to add a photo for each family. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

RootsMagic and New FamilySearch for Family History Centers

Roostmagic is offering free online RootsMagic classes (webinars) to the public.  But on the evening of Thursday, January 13th they will be presenting a PRIVATE webinar just for FAMILY HISTORY CENTERS.

Family History Center directors, staff, and consultants are invited to this private webinar.

This webinar will cover how to use RootsMagic to easily search the FamilySearch Family Tree and to share data and collaborate with others using this tremendous online resource. You’ll also learn how RootsMagic can find, reserve, and track incomplete temple work.

Best of all, we will be showing all the new FamilySearch features just announced in our latest release: Discussions support, temple ordinance card tracking, historical record searching, saved logins, sharing of Family Ordinance Requests (FORs), and more.

RootsMagic 4 and the free RootsMagic Essentials won the FamilySearch Software Award for "Easiest to Sync", and are the first- and currently the only- software to be Discussions Certified by FamilySearch.

To reserve your Webinar seat now, visit:

We should have plenty of room (the class will be limited to the first 1000 people to sign up), but if you miss out or can't make it, don't worry because we will record the class for you to download and watch later.

Rootsmagic Webinar Free Online Classes

Roostmagic is now offering free online classes.  Classes are on everything from getting started with RootsMagic to advanced features like creating custom reports, and everything in between.  Other classes on their other products will be offered as well: Personal Historian, Family Atlas, and Family Reunion Organizer.

Each class will be limited to the first 1000 people to sign up, but if you miss out or can't make it, the class will be recorded to download and watch later.

To sign up for the free classes, click the link for RootsMagic Blog under Favorite Links in this blogspot.

Here are the first 5 classes Rootsmagic will be offering:

Getting Started with RootsMagic
Sat, Jan 8, 2011 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM MST

Publishing a Family History with RootsMagic
Tue, Jan 11, 2011 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM MST

FamilySearch Made Easy with RootsMagic
Tue, Jan 18, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM MST

RootsMagic To-Go: Running RootsMagic on a Flash Drive
Mon, Jan 24, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM MST

Sources, Citations, and Documentation with RootsMagic
Fri, Feb 4, 2011 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM MST